Woodward Elks Rodeo

Tuffest of 'em all

Welcome to Woodward Elks Rodeo!


This is the 84th annual Woodward Elks Rodeo.  We welcome all Rodeo fans to our annual event that draws fans from across the Nation.  Today's Woodward Elks Rodeo has progressed a long way from the first rodeo held July 4, 1929.  Plans were carefully laid, and a budget of $50 was appropriated.  When the original committee went further into producing a rodeo, they needed bucking chutes, fencing, judges stands and other needs.  The committee, made up of Luther Shobe, a local businessman, L. O. Street, a local grain dealer, and his son H. L. Street, and Albert Nashelsky, another merchant, decided to go ahead.  What they had planned for a $50 Rodeo turned out to be a $3500 show.

July 16, 17, 18 & 19

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